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Revised: May 04, 2023 .
Here's what happened-

 My little website had it's KBytes traffic go through the roof so to speak. Here are the server stats for the first week of July.

 It seems a group working out of France attempted to silence my site with a DoS Attack.

 A Denial of Service is when sites are kept so busy with garbage tasks it slows everything down keeping legitimate visitors unable to use the site properly.

 This pushed my shared server load to 20 percent where normal was maybe 1 percent. This was way over what I was paying for but to the credit of my server operation the site stayed up, so thanks for that. 

 Normal traffic for France is much like other European States.


 Here are the Hostname IP's involved, I can Block them or Trace them but maybe they just want credit for an attack on a vulnerable chat code.

 Though, political or religious struggles are going on so maybe they worked to prevent access to the information found on my site. Who knows, but my site caught their attention.