So, the storage yard was not so secure after all,

but I have no place to put them and the cost of all
this just could not have come at a worse time.

 All the while I was thinking and worrying
that surely the tow trucks were going to be
called to clear this lot if I did not pay.

Well, I could not pay in time, the
deadline passed.

All the cars are still there, in lein.

I really no place to put the
cars or pay to keep them.
What can I do?

It was at this point that I thought, This is a unique situation, how often does one find a bunch of collectable, restorable muscle cars sitting together like this.

I know a magazine, HOTROD I believe, does a Hidden treasure feature showing an interesting car found in a barn somewhere or something.
Or, Road Kill in this case might be better. Anyone need a project?

Anyway, I wanted to get this story out because I was sure my cars would
be scrapped, junked or auctioned off because I couldn't get my storage
space paid on time, to the unknowing they may look like junk.

But they are not junk!, what these cars are is a starting point. And what
they mean to me, and a lot of other people interested in American muscle
cars is a chance to rebuild or build them new.

So now I am at this horrible point.