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Welcome to my website -

I 'm putting all my projects together here for a better overall experience, if you can help out in any way that would be great... please find a reason and a way.
With Photography, self help and education I want to make your experience here a joy and a value.

The projects need funds though - The cats need help, the House and Car auction project has been idle for years. But with your contribution and the light of goodwill, a positive outcome is possible.

It'll be fun.

The HostRing project was setup for anyone that wants a top online service without all the data mining and up-sell like Godaddy. It's an easy but powerful service that benefits the Rescue Cat project, so choose HostRing and we all win. 

I have domains for sale! if you need a good domain name maybe you can find one here. I have let many go for free but if you want one, make an offer!

The Gallery project is so maybe you can find some inspiration in my special photos. They are REAL photos in the Real Album, not computer crafted creations. They are amazing, fun, interesting and inspirational. There is nothing else like them. Please check out the gallery!

More to Come!

Oh, by the way, you will notice a few donation opportunities I place on my site. These are important reminders as I do not run advertisements or collect and sell your data.

I am also involved in live-in home care for an elderly family member and I do not receive wages for my time. So I must find ways to move forward in a positive way with my projects.

I try to offer a worthwhile site because I value your time here and I want to give you much for your visit. 

Anything you can do to move this site and projects in a good way is greatly appreciated, spread the word.

And, I will let you in on a little secret;

Most of my images have a 3D aspect that can be revealed by looking at them with slightly crossed eyes. Just concentrate on either the left or right when your able to see two close together images and see more detail and depth, What fun! If you have a VR headset or other device that does the split screen mode it may also work but I have not tried it.

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As you think, so you become. As you think, so you develop. As is your ideal, so gradually your life will become. 
This is so, because there is a great transforming power in thought.